Making an entrance

 In Maison de Mallast

This week we’ve been receiving our first guests at Maison de Mallast and it’s been such a pleasure to see their delight when they look around our beautiful house and garden.  We’ve been working hard on renovating and refurbishing a number of rooms to convert this from a family home to provide bright, comfortable guest accommodation which combines the old and the new.

We’ve kept all the old original doors but have added electronic locks to our main door and guest rooms, so that they can come and go without fear of forgetting or losing their key. Where showers didn’t exist, we are adding them and we’ve upgraded our water storage capacity so that all guests can enjoy a hot shower, with no loss of pressure.

The entrance hall looks stunning, having given uplifted the 27 year old wallpaper and repainted wall panels and stair rails and replaced the decor with an elegant two-tone grey scheme.  We’ve also added some beautiful crystal chandeliers. By the way, we know that the previous terracotta /avocado colour scheme is that old because the painter had signed and dated his name beneath the paper, and this was revealed when it was stripped off!

And, through a strange coincidence, we employed the very same painter and decorator from our village to carry out the redecoration!  Bertrand Pautou formerly specialised in the restoration and decoration of churches and has even worked in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.  He’s done a beautiful job, and is currently refurbishing our François bedroom …. watch this space!  Meanwhile we have opened our first rooms: La Terrasse, L’Eva and, just a couple of days ago, La Mia for guests to enjoy.

We were very busy at the weekend but we’re still taking bookings for this week and beyond! Check out the images of our first three bedrooms.

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